Seeds of Turmoil


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Bryant Wright takes his readers on a journey beyond the headlines to uncover the Biblical roots of the unrest in the modern-day promised land of Palestine. With faith-filled insights, scriptural narratives, and detailed maps, he clarifies the true origins and key events of the Arabs and Jews, and reveals how the turmoil, the incredible growth, and the power of the Islamic religion are the fulfillment of prophecy
from long ago.

Published by Thomas Nelson.

Praise for Seeds of Turmoil

“In Seeds of Turmoil my friend Bryant Wright takes a long look back to Abraham, carefully uncovering a decision Abraham made at a critical time in his life and how it formed the basis for today’s Middle East conflict.”
Andy Stanley
Senior Pastor
North Point Community Church
Atlanta, GA
and author of The Grace of God 

“As one who has sat under Bryant Wright’s preaching for several years, I have appreciated his desire to relate biblical teaching to our contemporary situation and its historical roots. Seeds of Turmoil follows that pattern, analyzing the current Arab-Israeli conflict against the backdrop of the history of the Middle East and its roots in the events of the Old Testament. Bryant helps us to see that, despite appearances, the world is not spinning crazily out of control but is slowly realizing God’s plan for the nations. It is a gripping saga which continues to unfold before our very eyes.”
—William Lane Craig, PhD
Research Professor of Philosophy
Talbot School of Theology
Author of God Is Great, God Is Good

“Bryant Wright has provided what so many of us have needed for so long: a guide to an understanding of the Middle East conflict from a biblical rather than political perspective. It is clear, concise, scholarly, and inspired.”
—Alton Brown

Food Network star, author, speaker
and host of “Good Eats”

“In these days of insecurity and crises that are often centered around the Middle East, Seeds of Turmoil helps us deal with the many quandaries and questions that arise as we sort through each day’s current events. Bryant’s clarity in teaching God’s Word, reflected through history and happenings of this present age, opens our eyes to Truth and gives deeper insight as to the biblical meaning and origin of the problems. In spite of wars and political conflicts that fill news headlines, his writings enlighten us to better understand God’s sovereign purposes and plans.”
—Larry Nelson

World Golf Hall of Famer and
winner of three major PGA championships

“Bryant’s approach to this complicated and often explosive issue is both biblical and rational. Seeds of Turmoil is filled with scriptural admonitions for everyday life. You will be doubly blessed by reading it.”
—Michael Youssef, PhD
Founder and President,
Leading the Way, and
founding Pastor of The Church of the Apostles,
Atlanta, GA

“If there has ever appeared to be an insoluble situation from the human standpoint, it is the ongoing centuries-old crisis in the Middle East. As one late statesman poignantly observed, some players in this drama ‘never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity.’ Unlike many of the people addressing the subject today, Bryant Wright brings a spotlight on the roots of the conflict and not simply the fruit of it. Since Scripture reveals that Jerusalem plays such a major role in the last days, every believer should have an interest and the knowledge of the Seeds of Turmoil. Read it and reap!”
— O. S. Hawkins

President and CEO
GuideStone Financial Resources

“My friend Bryant Wright has written an extremely interesting and thought-provoking book on one of the greatest and most difficult problems of our time and any time—the Middle East. From a historical, theological, and eschatological perspective, you will find a very balanced, fair, and yet to-the-point approach to this volatile section of the world. For those who want to learn about the Middle East conflict from a past, present, and future perspective, this book is a must-read.”
—James Merritt
Senior Pastor
Cross Pointe Church
Duluth, GA

“Having traveled to the Middle East with Bryant and his wife, I have witnessed the passion he has for the land and the love he has for the people. Additionally, his diligent study of both history and God’s Word makes this a must-read for anyone seeking to understand a current world conflict by understanding the past. One truth comes through loud and clear: no matter how things appear, God is sovereign!”
—Eleanor Lewis

Teacher, The Amazing Collection:
The Bible Book by Book

“Bryant Wright takes one of the most compelling issues of our times and with biblical authority and clarity delivers answers to our questions regarding the Middle East—its past, present, and future. Read this book and discover the causes and God’s solutions to the world’s most ancient and pertinent conflict.”
—Jack Graham

Senior Pastor
Prestonwood Baptist Church
Plano, TX

“No matter how much we wish the coming turmoil was not coming, it is. Bryant Wright lays out a clear, biblical approach to understanding it in light of Scripture. A must-read for today’s informed Christian.”
—John R. Lincoln

Shandon Baptist Church
Columbia, SC

“If you take the Bible seriously, are interested in history and current events, and are even remotely aware of the crisis at hand in the Middle East, then Seeds of Turmoil is a must-read. Clear, insightful, and interesting. Bryant has done us all a great favor.”
—Randy Pope

Perimeter Church
Duluth, GA

“As a communicator, Bryant Wright has a gift for making things crystal clear. As I read Seeds of Turmoil, I understood the Middle East conflict like never before, but what’s weird is that I left the book with a real peace about it all.”
—Regi Campbell

Author, Mentor Like Jesus and
About My Father’s Business 

“This book will enable any reader to get a keen insight into the most pivotal spot in the world and history, how it got there, and where it’s going. One of the finest and fairest studies on the biblical roots of the Middle East conflict I’ve ever read.”
—Jim Henry

Former President
Southern Baptist Convention

“Bryant Wright gives great insight into the inevitable Middle East crisis, effectively building a bridge from past to present. Bryant helps to make sense of a very complex and growing issue in our global community.”
—David Uth
Senior Pastor
First Baptist Church
Orlando, FL

“In Seeds of Turmoil my friend Bryant Wright does a masterful job laying the biblical foundation for the past, present, and future turmoil in the Middle East. This is a timely and insightful book that I recommend for every pastor, leader, and student of the Bible and current events.”
—Dr. Ed Young

Senior Pastor
Second Baptist Church
Houston, TX

“The most important theologian in America is any pastor of a local church, and Bryant Wright shows us why. Taking the Bible in one hand and today’s news in the other, Pastor Wright connects the dots with clarity, insight, and power.”
—Dr. Chuck Kelley
New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary

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