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mentoring for young pastors

Mentoring for young pastors

how it works

Deepen your walk with christ

Following the example of Jesus who poured His life into twelve men, Bryant Wright mentors young pastors from his 40+ years of ministry experience.

Participants will receive coaching to help deepen their walk with Christ, strengthen relationships, and expand their leadership skills.

The group is designed to encourage senior pastors to stay the course and challenge them to finish strong, with the hope of maintaining a faithful and fruitful pastorate.

For more information about the Mentoring Groups, please contact info@rfth.org or call 678 388-1860.

Mentoring for young pastors group

The Details


    Meetings last approx. 9:00AM-3:00PM

  • COST

    $1,000 for materials, retreats, meals, etc.

  • WHEN

    8 quarterly meetings over 2 years

  • WHO

    For pastors age 45 and under

mentoring for young pastors - the long road
mentoring for young pastors virtualmentoring for young pastors - devotional

What Past Mentees Have Said

“There are few pastors I have ever met that hold as high a place in my mind and heart as Bryant Wright when it comes to leadership, integrity, humility, and courage. That’s why I was thrilled to be mentored by him. Over two years he helped me grow in terms of spiritual maturity, leadership capacity, theological richness, and practical wisdom. I can’t recommend this process highly enough.”
-Jon Akin

“I wish every young pastor could sit under the leadership of a man like Bryant Wright. For two years, Bryant challenged me theologically, helped guide me in practical ministry practice, and, most importantly, instilled in me the importance of leading my family and the church with integrity and a vibrant walk with Christ. I am a better husband, father, and pastor because Bryant invested in me.”
-Brad Lewter

“This mentoring group has been one of the great blessings to my ministry. I loved both the “planned” content (which was always insightful, practical, and helpful) and the “unplanned” discussions which allowed us to collaborate in an unfiltered way regarding challenges and opportunities we were facing. 2020 included a pandemic, racial tension, social unrest, and political division and I’m grateful to have navigated these turbulent waters with pastors I now consider to be close friends.”
-Jeff Jackson