Character is Most Important

October 07, 2022

“…for he was a faithful man and feared God more than many.” – Nehemiah 7:2

As you think of the future, what will you leave behind for your heirs?

Will it be stocks and bonds? Property? An impressive, investment-worthy art collection? A large life insurance policy?

It’s surely important to plan for the future. But there is one aspect that many fail to recognize: every day, you are creating a legacy that will live well beyond your death.

More than any physical riches you pass onto others, it’s your character that will linger long after your life on earth has ended. 

So, the question to ask yourself is this: “What story will my character tell?”

Unquestionable character is one of the greatest gifts that we can leave our heirs. And yet, in the focused pursuit of amassing financial wealth, far too many fail to speak honesty, responsibility, compassion, or love for God and their fellow man into the lives of their kids.

If you want to leave behind a legacy of strong character, it starts with you.

The best example of this is how you live. Because character is more easily “caught” than “taught.” You can’t leave a greater gift than teaching the next generation how to love God and live life with integrity and unquestionable character.

Wouldn’t you like to know that your life will be remembered for more than money? Wouldn’t it be amazing if our kids were to reflect on our lives and say, “My Mom and Dad kept Jesus in the center of our family life, and it showed. They are the finest people I’ve ever known.”

Oh, that it would be said of me!

Written by Bryant Wright, Founder, RFTH