Dad’s POWER PACKED Phrase #4

June 01, 2020

“Change is inevitable. Growth is an option.” – George B. Wright, Sr.

When COVID-19 hit the world, no one could have grasped the extent its impact would have on all our lives. After all, the economy had been soaring and people were busy. Suddenly, within a couple of weeks, our whole way of life changed. Life as we knew it shut down.

This was just another reminder of how life’s only constant is change. Change is inevitable. But it’s how we respond to that change that is the key to success or failure in life. For with every change, there is an opportunity for personal growth.

We may not like the change, but we must ask ourselves if we are willing to grow through the experience?

In John 16:33, Jesus tells us that a key to growth in the midst of unwelcome change is the fact that no matter what – Jesus has overcome the world.  If you put your trust in Jesus and walk with Him through unwanted change, then you will grow as a person. Are you willing?