Dad’s POWER PACKED Phrase #3

May 31, 2020

“Repetition is more lasting than impact.”– George B. Wright, Sr.

Motivational speakers inspire us. Yet, speaking that stirs our emotions rarely have as great of a life-changing impact as leaders and communicators who repeat truth, guidelines, and the mission to those they are called to lead.

It has been said that the average adult needs to hear something six times before it sinks in. When I pastored the same church for 38 years, we had a very clear mission and core values that I tried to teach on at least once a year. After being their pastor for 15 or 20 years, I worried that they would get tired of the same subject year after year, thinking “I’ve heard this before.” But it was just the opposite. Referring back to that foundational mission and core values helped them refocus their energy and dedication as to why the church existed. It renewed their motivation and commitment to be and do what we were called to do.

Jesus did this over and over when He told His followers and disciples to “follow me.” This statement alone captures Christianity’s driving motivation: developing a trusting relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

Leaders, parents, CEO’s, teachers, coaches, supervisors, the take away is this: “repetition is more lasting than impact.” Inspiring speakers are great, but leaders who relentlessly and clearly communicate the vision, the mission, and the expectation have the best shot at lasting results.