The Original Christmas Truth Seekers

December 07, 2021

“Where is He who has been born King of the Jews?” – Matthew 2:2

There are all sorts of truth seekers today. Some are searching for purpose, others meaning, and others truth. What about you; would you consider yourself a “seeker?”

The Christmas story highlights three original truth seekers. Only, these guys were so determined to find answers that they left their homeland and blindly followed a star in pursuit of answers. I’m talking about the three guys from the East. These three men weren’t Christians or Jews, yet they, too, were searching for meaning.

As they scanned the heavens for answers, God first got their attention with the appearance of a brand new star. That star would be the catalyst for their journey of faith.


Because they believed that this celestial event signified the birth of a new king. Along the way, God spoke to them through Scripture, highlighting prophecies that said the Messiah would be born in Bethlehem. So, they headed to Bethlehem in search of answers.

When they arrived, they found the answer to life in a little boy named Jesus. They believed that He was God, who had become a man, and our Savior. They found what every seeker needs—Jesus, the answer to life.

Are you seeking to find the Truth this Christmas?