The Ultimate Victory Celebration

September 02, 2022

“They held harps given them by God and sang the song of Moses the servant of God and the song of the Lamb…” Revelation 15:3,4

College football is in my blood. 

My dad, Larry Munson, was the radio voice of the Georgia Bulldogs for over 40 years. 

So, earlier this year, I was one of the many members of Bulldog Nation who, like the ones seen in the following video, went absolutely bananas when the Dawgs won their first national championship since 1980. 

A celebration Dawg Nation will never forget

I’m not ashamed.

An awesome victory calls for an awesome celebration. 

Thousands of years ago, another awesome victory celebration took place on the shores of the Red Sea.

Picture the scene:

Millions of Israelites. Damp clothes. Wet sand between their toes. Standing on the other side of a miracle. 

Having just witnessed the waters engulf the Egyptian army, they erupted in praise. Moses led the people in spontaneous worship. He sang:

“Pharaoh’s chariots and his army He has hurled into the sea…In the greatness of Your majesty, You threw down those who opposed you.”  Exodus 15:4-7

I bet there wasn’t a person who didn’t sing along. Not on that day. Even folks who didn’t like to sing belted this one at the top of their lungs. How could they possibly stay silent? Any victory, but especially a dramatic victory, evokes unbridled joy. 

The Lord had triumphed over His enemies in the most dramatic fashion imaginable. Moses’ song captured the moment perfectly. It would remain #1 on the charts for years, continuously reminding the Israelites of the Lord’s powerful deliverance on their behalf.  

The song is so good that believers will sing it again at the end of the ages. 


That’s right. Scripture says that the people of God will sing Moses’ song and the song of the Lamb during the most epic victory celebration the world has ever known (Revelation 15:3,4). 

Two songs of deliverance, back-to-back:

  • One heralding God’s deliverance in the Old Testament: the salvation of Israel through the exodus.  
  • The other heralding the Lord’s greatest act of deliverance: the salvation of sinners through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God.   

A.T. Pierson explains, “The songs mark the two bounds of redemption history, and between them lies the whole history of God’s ransomed people.”

On that glorious day, believers will sing these “greatest hits” of salvation, not simply about the defeat of Pharaoh’s army but the ultimate, final defeat of evil. Satan and every enemy of God will be conquered, crushed underneath the feet of a crucified Lamb.  

Now, picture this incredible scene:

A large crowd of Jesus followers. Clothes washed white by His blood. Toes in a glassy sea. Singing the victory songs of salvation. (See Revelation 7:14,15:2)

For now, this scene only lives in our sanctified, biblically-informed imaginations, but that doesn’t mean we have to wait to start singing! 

The coming, unbridled joy of the future can impact our attitudes today. 

Raise up a hallelujah right now. Start humming a melody of triumph. Though the battles of everyday life rage around you, lift your voice of worship in defiance of the enemy. Sing a true sacrifice of praise, reminding him of how the war will end. 

Jesus wins. 

And His victory will make all other victories seem absolutely trivial. 

Even a college football national championship.

Written by Jonathan Munson, Executive Director, RFTH