March 16, 2018

“And your people shall be my people…“ – Ruth 1:16

Perhaps the relationship people struggle with most is getting along with their in-laws. In-laws are the gift we received in marriage – sadly, a gift many want to give back.

Even in healthy in-law relationships, there will be tension and challenges. You both love the same person, and the only reason you’re attached is because of that person. That can create competing interests. In-laws can be made to feel like out-laws. They get to be the brunt of many a tale – especially mothers-in-law – the unfortunate universal catch-all of abusive humor.

Rather than offering advice on the in-law relationship, I offer four stories in scripture. For a healthy in-law relationship, read about Moses and his father-in-law in Exodus 18, or Ruth and her mother-in-law in the book of Ruth. And if you think you’ve got it bad, take comfort – it could be a lot worse! Read about Jacob and his father-in-law in Genesis 29, or David and the “all time worst” in-law, King Saul in I Samuel. Hopefully these will help you gain better insight and a proper perspective in your own situations.