July 23, 2020

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” – Matthew 11:28  

Everyone experiences tough times. They’re unavoidable. For the Apostle Paul, his missionary journey to Athens, Greece was one such season. Paul had done a great job of connecting with the intellectual elite and speaking about Jesus, but the message just wasn’t well received. He was ridiculed, teased, and ultimately only a few people came to believe in Christ. From Athens, Paul headed to Corinth where he ran into fellow Jewish believers, Aquila and Pricilla.

Paul connected with this couple as fellow believers in a new city and began to work together as tentmakers. You can find Paul’s full story in Acts chapter 18. I believe this was a time of rest for Paul.

Rest can look different for different people, but one thing is for certain: We all need times of rest and refreshing, especially after a particularly challenging season. Jesus knows that life can be difficult, and He wants to carry our burdens and walk with us through those seasons. Why? Because without rest, we won’t be able to finish what God has called us to do.

How do you find rest? What do you do to become refreshed and recharged? If you struggle finding and prioritizing rest, start by asking God to help you set aside time for a weekly Sabbath and make time for activities that offer rest and refreshment, both physically and spiritually.