June 12, 2020

“Every good thing given and every perfect gift is from above.” – James 1:17

What are the greatest blessings in your life? Take a few moments to jot down what you feel are some of life’s greatest blessings. If you’re feeling really grumpy today, this may really help you! Just give it a try. Now, as you think of those blessings, I ask you, “Is there a common thread through the blessings, and why are those blessings so great? What makes them unique?”

In addition to my Christian grandparents and parents, I’m also thankful that God has blessed me with an incredible Christian wife. And what’s so interesting is she has a similar heritage. It had nothing to do with those Christian grandparents. It had nothing to do with Christian parents. It was all by the grace of God that we received these blessings. We’re also blessed with Christian siblings. We’re blessed with three sons, along with their wives, who all have real relationships with the Lord. Not only that, but they’ve blessed us with beautiful grandchildren, as well! And, of course, we are blessed with countless friends.

My point in all of this: is our greatest blessings are really relationships. And seemingly, in my life, the most significant relationships have that common bond with Jesus Christ. But I want you to know that although they’re all influenced with that relationship with Christ, these blessings are imperfect because all of us sin. All of my relatives sin. I sin. My wife sins. We all sin.

So, what is the perfect blessing? Well, the one perfect blessing is Jesus. He is the perfect gift. When we’re called to heaven, or when He returns, that is when we will be perfect like Jesus. And that, my friends is the greatest blessing of all.