December 09, 2020

“I am the Lord’s servant,” Mary answered. “May your word to me be fulfilled.” Then the angel left her. – Luke 1:38

Picture the scene: An angel had just informed Mary that she, a virgin, would soon be pregnant. But this would be no ordinary baby –  she would be carrying the Son of God. This certainly isn’t the sort of news a woman hears every day.  Especially in first-century Israel, Mary knew this meant facing the wrath and scorn of all her friends, family, and society in general. Don’t forget her fiancé; what would he think?

Facing the prospect of such harsh judgment and disapproval, Mary could have responded a number of ways. She could have run away. She could have had an abortion. And like many pregnant, unmarried women at that time, Mary could have taken her own life. But Mary chose a different path.

Folks, if ever you want to see a clear profession of faith, pay attention to her response: “I am willing to be a voluntary slave of the Lord. I am willing to be a servant of God. May what the word of God has said, may it come true!” What a brave woman! What incredible faith! Mary was truly the greatest woman to ever live.

This Christmas, take some time to reflect on the significance of Mary’s bold act of obedience and this Child who would become the Savior of the World.  Do you believe it? Will you choose to follow the example of Mary and take that step of faith to believe what God’s Word says about her Son? I promise you’ll never truly experience Christmas until you do.


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