April 06, 2023

“You are witnesses of these things.”

Luke 24:48

One of the major questions people ask when considering the resurrection of Jesus is how to explain the dramatic change in the disciples.

Consider the following:

At His crucifixion, all but one fled in fear and went into hiding.


As Jesus’ closest followers, they feared the government authorities would arrest them, too.

But later, in different parts of the world, they all boldly proclaimed that Jesus had risen from the dead. Even when confronted with death if they didn’t stop making that claim, they refused.

People will die for a lie that they don’t know is a lie, but they won’t die for something that they know is a hoax. Someone would have squealed and no one did.


That first Easter morning when the women told the disciples that Jesus rose, the disciples did not believe them. Understandably, they thought it was nonsense. They knew He was dead. They saw Him die. They knew where He was buried.

So, what happened to cause them to believe He was alive?

I believe Jesus arose, that they saw Him in person, and that their lives were never the same.

During this Easter Season, it is my prayer that because of the resurrection of Jesus, your life will never be the same.

Written by Bryant Wright, Founder, RFTH