Abba Father

October 27, 2012

“Just as the living Father sent me and I live because of the Father, so the one who feeds on me will live because of me.” – John 6:57 NIV

Jesus often used the term “Abba” (Daddy, Father) when referring to God. But sometimes He used a different Greek term (Pater) that has four meanings: nourisher, protector, upholder, and provider. When Jesus did this, he described to us the ideal father:

  1. Nourisher – that’s one who builds up the family. It’s one who is fair, loving and encouraging to each family member.
  2. Protector – every home wants a father who is strong and loving. The strength is motivated by love in the face of evil.
  3. Upholder – the upholder of Godly character and values. The upholder models this as he teaches.
  4. Provider – one that meets the material, educational and physical needs of his family. It’s one who is dependable, responsible and trustworthy.

That’s really what Jesus is teaching us by using the term that He uses for Father. He is our nourisher. He is our protector. He is our upholder. And he is our provider.

I don’t know if you have an earthly father like this. Those of us who do are truly blessed. But even if you don’t, God is eager to have you as one of His adopted children when you accept His Son in faith. He is the perfect Dad.