September 18, 2019

“So God created mankind in His own image, in the image of God He created them; male and female He created them.” Genesis 1:27

A mirror reflects. If pointed at the sun, a mirror’s reflection is too brilliant to look at directly. If pointed at the darkness, however, the same mirror reflects only darkness. The power is in where the mirror is positioned. Sometimes the results are brilliant and powerful and other times not. In the same way, God’s Word calls us ‘image-bearers of God.’ When pointed at Him, we can reflect some of God’s glory and brilliance. The question is, what are you reflecting?

God’s Word says that mankind was created in God’s image. This means that every man, woman, and child; every race, nationality, and ethnicity – everyone has the potential to reflect the character and nature of God. But we’ve all messed up. With each harsh word or act of violence towards one another, we dishonor the image of God in that person.

Take your morning coffee for example. When you’re in a hurry and frustrated at a long line or slow service, you’re saying: I am more valuable than you. When you cut someone off in traffic, you’re saying: My time is more valuable than your time.

What if we viewed each person who crossed our path as an image-bearer of God?  Would that change how we interact? What if looking in the mirror we saw ourselves as created in God’s image? How would that change our own perception?

To be made in the image of God means that we belong to God. So who do you see when you look at one another; when you look at yourself? It’s time for some self-reflection – because we’re all mirroring something or someone. Who are you reflecting?

Adapted from a sermon by Pastor Jason Dees, Christ Covenant Buckhead