May 03, 2020

“…and the two will become one flesh. So they are no longer two, but one.” – Mark 10:8

Jesus describes marriage as two people becoming one flesh. What does this mean? Now, an obvious meaning is an expression of sexual intimacy. But it is more than that. There is also an emotional oneness. For instance, upon the death of a life-long mate, many people will declare, “I feel like a part of me has just been ripped away,” and that’s exactly right! God wants your marriage to be so close that your flesh almost literally does become one.

But that’s not all. Most importantly, there is also a spiritual oneness that occurs in a Christ-centered marriage. That is why Christians are called to marry Christians – we cannot possibly have this oneness with an unbeliever who has different spiritual priorities. Spiritual oneness can only be achieved by growing in Christ together.

God wants us to have the best of His creation. The best marriage is formed through spiritual, emotional, and sexual oneness.