Let me ask you a question: do you believe in God? 

While it takes faith to believe in God, it may take even more faith to believe that everything in the universe results from chance. 

Consider these three arguments, found in a recent Newsweek article, that point to God’s existence:

  1. First, scientists have discovered the universe had an actual beginning- Therefore, something had to cause it to begin.
  2. Second, the intricate design of our solar system.  It’s fine-tuned for life to exist. So, there must be a Designer.
  3. Finally, molecular biology has revealed the complex digital code in our DNA. This points to a Master Programmer who programmed our cells.

And these are just three examples.

But here’s what’s really amazing: we can have a personal relationship with the Creator of the universe through faith in His Son Jesus Christ. 

This is Bryant Wright, hoping you’ll examine the evidence for God’s existence, speaking right from my heart.