Failure is no fun.

It’s very common. But not fun.

Did you know?

  • 81% of new hires fail.
  • 88% of New Year’s resolutions fail.
  • 95% of new products fail.

Think that’s bad? Imagine how Peter felt on the night Jesus was arrested. In spite of Jesus’ prediction that Peter would deny Him three times before the rooster crowed, Peter said he would die for Him.

Yet, as the rooster crowed, Peter had denied knowing Him three times. And that rugged fisherman wept.

My friends, THAT is failure.

The regret, shame, frustration, and even anger – that Peter experienced from his failure – we’ve all experienced.

Here’s the good news. Jesus graciously forgave Peter. And Peter went on to be one of the most important men in the Bible.

Ever feel like a failure? I have good news! Jesus offers us the very same forgiveness when we fail. He always desires to restore us and give us a second chance. Trust in Him and claim His forgiveness!

This is Bryant Wright speaking right from my heart.