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Daily Devotions

1-Minute of Your Day

One of the central outreach efforts at RFTH is the 1-Minute Daily Devotions that are sent via email each day. The quick-hitting, thought-provoking challenges of God’s truth contained in the devotions are designed to be a source of spiritual encouragement in a world looking for answers. Straightforward in style, they communicate the gospel in a manner that anyone can understand.

Having grown in English subscribers from 3,000 in July of 2007 to over 28,000, the Daily Devotions have proved to be a very effective outreach tool.

More than ever, it’s critical that we engage in dialogue and defend our beliefs. Years ago, the beliefs we held dear were not criticized as openly as they are today.

Our Daily Devotions are available on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and through RSS feeds in English, Spanish, Polish, and Portuguese. This only adds to the number of people who have access to read about Jesus Christ each day! Won’t you help us continue to provide this valuable resource to the world?