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To Reach and Disciple People for Jesus through Media

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Mary’s Amazing Response

Picture the scene: An angel had just informed Mary that she, a teenager and a virgin, was now pregnant and, as a matter of fact, was carrying the Son of God. Not the sort of news a young girl…

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“The messages from you are always right on target. I have shared many of them with my friends, either by forwarding your e-mails or on social media. I also always love the segments that are on television and the radio. Thank you for providing them.” Nancy T.

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Right From The Heart Ministries

Our mission is to REACH AND disciple people for Jesus through media.

We believe everyone needs a place to come for helpful insights and answers amidst a culture of chaos and confusion – and that’s exactly what we’re here for.

We meet you wherever you are in your walk with God and however you prefer to consume media. Whether you’re brand new to Christianity or have been a believer for years, we invite you to connect through our daily devotionals, radio and TV spots, podcast, and more.

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