Daily Devotional

April 26, 2018


We’re constantly bombarded with bad news – everywhere we turn. It’s depressing. The harsh reality of the daily news challenges those who believe that man is inherently good and the world is getting better. The Bible tells us the...

"...I came that they might have life, and have it abundantly." - John 10:10

Daily Devotional

April 25, 2018


Jesus describes marriage as two people becoming one flesh. What does this mean? Now an obvious meaning is an expression of sexual intimacy. But it is more than that. There is also an emotional oneness. For instance, upon the...

"...and the two will become one flesh. So they are no longer two, but one." - Mark 10:8

Daily Devotional

April 24, 2018


Depression is a huge problem in our land. The CDC tells us that suicide is now the leading cause of death among teenagers. It is now far surpassed car accidents as their leading cause of death. Obviously, many are...

"Then he went on along into the wilderness, traveling all day. He sat down under a solitary broom tree and prayed that he might die. "I have had enough, Lord," he said. "Take my life, for I am no better than my ancestors who have already died." Then he lay down and slept under the broom tree. But as he was sleeping, an angel touched him and told him, "Get up and eat!" He looked around and there beside his head was some bread baked on hot stones and a jar of water! So he ate and drank and lay down again. Then the angel of the Lord came again and touched him and said "Get up and eat some more, or the journey ahead will be too much for you." So he got up and ate and drank, and the food gave him enough strength to travel forty days and forty nights to Mount Sinai, the mountain of God. There he came to a cave, where he spent the night." - 1 Kings 19:4-8

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