Sermon Series Archive

The Doctor's Christmas Story

Began: Nov 26, 2017

A Prayer for the Church

Began: Nov 19, 2017

The Sensitive Touch in Healing

Began: Nov 12, 2017

The Cost of Following Jesus

Began: Nov 05, 2017

The Crops are Ready

Began: Sep 17, 2017

Courageous Faith in an Unfamiliar Culture

Began: Aug 07, 2017

The Invitation

Began: Jul 31, 2017

A Man to Model After...Mostly

Began: Jul 02, 2017

World's Greatest Dad

Began: Jun 18, 2017

Why Does Jesus Matter?

Began: May 28, 2017


Began: Apr 23, 2017

All Those Opposed

Began: Mar 12, 2017

Marks of a Great Commission People

Began: Mar 05, 2017

We Are

Began: Jan 08, 2017

Hearing God's Truth

Began: Jan 01, 2017

Unlikely Women in the Lineage of Jesus

Began: Nov 27, 2016

True Healing

Began: Nov 21, 2016

DNOW 2016 - Real Love

Began: Oct 30, 2016

I Was Blind and Now I See

Began: Oct 16, 2016

Hot Topics

Began: Sep 11, 2016

When you think of “Hot Topics,” you might initially think of movie star or a National Inquirer story. But, the reality is, we don’t have to look that far to find “Hot Topics” that affect us all. This 8-week sermon series addresses the major issues that not only are in the news, but those that affect each of our lives in a real and personal way.