From the desk of Bryant Wright

"He has also set eternity in their heart …" Ecclesiastes 3:11b

This powerful statement follows the famous passage spoken by Solomon regarding “there is an appointed time for everything.” A time to plant, a time to tear down, a time to search, a time to love … there is a time for everything. God in His Sovereignty speaks to His mystery of time. He is in absolute control of the goings on of this world. He is not surprised by anything even though we as His created human beings cannot always understand. Yes, there will be wars and rumors of war but there will be times of healing and peace. And there will be weeping and sorrow along with joy and laughter. Such is life.

But don’t miss the part about eternity. Do you ever wonder what happens on the other side of life? It is a natural question because God Himself has set that question within our hearts. That is because He desires to have an eternal relationship with us as was His original design. But man took it upon himself way back in the Garden of Eden to separate himself from God by man’s own sinful ways. Because God is the Ultimate in holiness, sin is an eternal separator. We can never bridge that gap on our own no matter how hard we try. However, God in His love for us made a way for atoning our sin through the sacrifice of His Own Son, Jesus Christ. Throughout history, atonement requires the giving of blood to satisfy a debt of sin. Jesus is our atonement in that He gave His own blood on a cruel cross as payment for the sin of which is impossible for us to pay. It is only through our confession of that fact that we can now be made righteous in the eyes of a Holy God.

Pretty amazing, huh? What is even more amazing is that the God of this Universe still allows you and me the free will to accept or reject that free gift of grace. He did not create us as robots. He loves us that much. One often hears the argument that a loving God would never allow someone to experience eternal damnation. The reality is we are making that decision for ourselves, not God. God has made a way. The choice whether to accept that Way is entirely up to us … not our grandmother, not our parents, and not a friend’s desire for us, but the decision is ours alone.

There is a time for everything. If you haven’t done so, is it time for you to settle your own decision of eternity? Right From The Heart can help lead you through that decision. Call us. Email us. You can finally rest in the assurance that those questions of eternity can be settled. Jesus is waiting. The time is now ….

In Christ,

Bryant Wright
Founder, Right From The Heart Ministries

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