From the desk of Bryant Wright

“… the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord." – Romans 6:23b

What is a gift? The dictionary defines a gift as “something given willingly to someone without payment.” In this Christmas season, we begin to think about “gifts,” both giving and even receiving. We determine to provide gifts to others because we want to and because we love them. We obviously paid for the gift in some way, but we do not expect any kind of payment in return because it’s a gift! Conversely, we accept gifts for the very same reasons; although, foolishly we could choose NOT to accept them.

And why would we choose not to accept a gift from someone else? Maybe we don’t want to feel obligated to the giver; maybe we feel we aren’t deserving or haven’t earned that favor. If anyone has rejected a gift you offered, you are well aware of the disappointment you experienced in the process. You simply wanted to give them something willingly and without any payment in return. It was your expression of love, friendship or respect toward that person.

The verse of scripture above reminds us that God offers us a FREE GIFT of eternal life in Jesus. We didn’t earn it. Knowing ourselves, we certainly don’t deserve it. But yes, we do have the choice as whether to accept it or not. If we accept it, we are choosing to grant this Jesus lordship of our life; we are going to trust Him with all we have. By accepting this free gift of salvation, we are acknowledging our weakness and failure, and thus, we certainly are not deserving. In that realization, we understand our good deeds will never measure up as there will always be sin mixed in. In fact, the first part of that verse says, “The wages of sin is death .…” Spiritual death is truly what we earn in life. This is what makes this free gift of salvation so special.

God loves you! That sounds so simple, and yet, it is completely profound. God gave Himself to us in the form of Jesus. Jesus paid the price for our sin in full and now offers us this gift of eternal life. But it requires us to accept it from our very heart.

Right From The Heart continues to be a messenger of this incredible gift to a needy world. Perhaps you will prayerfully consider helping this effort with your financial gifts this year. We would appreciate you partnering with us to reach across this globe with the Good News of the free gift of salvation that only Jesus Christ can bring. It is indeed the perfect gift … and one that lasts forever. Merry Christmas from the staff of RFTH …. may you experience this perfect gift of Jesus!

In Christ,

Bryant Wright
Founder, Right From The Heart Ministries

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