From the desk of Bryant Wright

You have enclosed me behind and before, And laid Your hand upon me." - Psalm 139

We have all seen on the news a situation where a celebrity or some high-profile person is being escorted through a throng of photographers and reporters. There are officials, or in some cases, body guards tightly bunched around the individual both in front and behind them. Perhaps there is a hand on the shoulder to guide and even protect the individual in the spotlight until their destination is safely reached.

In a different way, the follower of Jesus Christ is just this individual. We find ourselves in the spotlight of life being hounded unmercifully by the pressures of the world. We may even be overwhelmed at the onslaught of attention and demand of a greedy, and even needy, world around us. But the psalmist in this scripture recognizes that God is there. God is in front of us, and God is behind us covering the flank. The enemy will have to go through Jesus to get to us. We should take comfort in that! The Lord knows what is coming; He is sovereign. He knows what He will allow to “touch” us, even when we think we can’t handle it. He also is behind us, encouraging us, nudging us forward in faith and protecting us from attacks we didn’t know were coming. His hand is upon our shoulder guiding us and assuring us. What an awesome God!

There is one caveat here, though. Even though Jesus makes us feel safe like this, our heart needs to be sure we are following Him … serving Him … walking with Him … for He is the Star! The spotlight should always be on Him, not us. It is certainly His desire for all men to come to know and trust Him, but the decision to actually do that is entirely our own. Once we extend that genuinely repentant invitation to Him, then His Holy Spirit fills our very being, never to leave or forsake us. There can be nothing more secure than to feel the very Presence of God both in front and behind us … and most of all in us!

We at Right From The Heart desire for you to have this eternal relationship with Jesus. But you must acknowledge your weakness and sin, and then ask Him to save you from those shortcomings. Once you do that, you can be assured Jesus will always be with you. As humans, we will continue to fail, but our desire will now be to follow Jesus instead of our own sinful tendency. That’s where His guiding and reassuring hand upon our shoulder gives us confidence that He is there. The mission of our ministry is to proclaim the truth of God’s Word in whatever way we can. Thank you for participating with us.

In Christ,

Bryant Wright
Founder, Right From The Heart Ministries

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