From the desk of Bryant Wright

An episode of a current television program, Madam Secretary, created an ethical dilemma for a couple of the characters. The fictional United States Secretary of State had arranged for negotiation of a certain weapons system in exchange for a captured U.S. spy by using a third country as the intermediary. The kicker, of all things, was the representative of the country facilitating the deal demanded an “A” for his daughter who was struggling in a university ethics class. True to television drama, this class was coincidently taught by the Secretary’s husband. She, as a foreign student, needed the top grade to obtain admission into a prestigious U.S. graduate school. Time was of the essence as the captured spy’s life was literally in the balance as he was scheduled to be executed within hours.

Life seems to demand compromise. What would you do? Would you trade your conviction for a deal … even if it meant life or death? Much to the consternation of the fictional Secretary, the professor/husband stood firm with his true grade of the student … after all it was an ethics class! His decision would possibly negate the deal … and the life of the captured man. Fortunately in the convenience of television, a last minute alternative was worked out to free the captured man’s life in another way.

Life is full of ethical decisions. Many of them are gray areas. Questions arise like, “What can be for the greater good?” But the question remains. What are the non-negotiables in your life? Where do YOU draw the line as to what you really believe? The follower of Jesus Christ will be challenged and even persecuted for their conviction in what they believe. Jesus said that whoever denies Christ before men will necessarily be denied before the Father in Heaven. That’s a strong statement. He even asked His disciple Peter, “Who do YOU say that I am?” Jesus acknowledged the wisdom of the Holy Spirit in Peter’s response of “Thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God!” Jesus also said that He would never leave nor forsake those that put their full trust in Him ... to be sealed forever in Him. That is another strong statement.

So where are you and who do you say Jesus is? Is your faith simple enough but strong enough to trust Jesus at His Word in your particular circumstances? Life will bring our way its share of trial, temptation and compromise. Scripture is full of promise and wisdom to get us through these times, but we must persevere as we trust and believe not in ourselves but in the One True God.

It is my hope that the devotionals and quick gospel messages from Right From The Heart via the internet and other forms of media will provoke some serious thought within your own spirit. I encourage you to establish in your heart that uncompromising faith in Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God. That’s a line in the sand you can draw for an eternity. May the Lord bless and strengthen your conviction in Him this very day.

In Christ,

Bryant Wright
Founder, Right From The Heart Ministries

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