From the desk of Bryant Wright

"… a man is not justified by the works of the Law but through faith in Christ Jesus …” - Galatians 2:15b

The question is often asked, “Are you going to heaven?” Many times the answer is, “I hope so; I try to be good and to do good things.” Well, that’s bad theology according to the Apostle Paul writing to the church in Galatia. The thief on the cross would also disagree with that common response as he had lived a life of crime and bad deeds yet on his dying day was welcomed by Jesus Himself to live with Him in Paradise.

Scripture is very clear in that salvation is not about doing good, being good, or abiding by “the rules.” There are a lot of well-meaning and well-intentioned folks headed toward an eternal separation from God, because they never fully trusted or put their simple faith in the person of Jesus Christ. That belief is more than an intellectual belief or head knowledge but more a life change with one’s mind and heart that Jesus Christ is the Son of the One True God, Who died on a cruel cross in payment for the sin of all mankind, and rose again on the third day conquering spiritual death for all time. No amount of good deeds or works can accomplish that. We cannot “earn” our way into Heaven; it is only by the grace of God, made possible through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. That grace is extended to all who will receive it. Interestingly, God through Christ doesn’t force our will; it is our choice to make.

Right From The Heart is not about “doing good” by extending a word of encouragement or “tickling the ears” of those who will listen. We are about pointing people to Jesus Christ and the simple step of faith He requires from us to identify with Him. Doing so opens a personal relationship with Jesus that can never be severed. Jesus is the Way to salvation … the only way … just ask the thief on the cross.

The jailer asked Paul and Silas, “What must I do to be saved?” The answer was simple, just as it is for you and me … “Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ.” Powerful word … believe.

So, will you go to Heaven and spend your eternity with Jesus when your days are over? The staff at Right From The Heart would love to help you be sure of the answer to that question. Contact us at It’s all about faith.

In Christ,

Bryant Wright
Founder, Right From The Heart Ministries

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