From the desk of Bryant Wright

"…being fully assured that what God had promised, He was able also to perform. - Romans 4:21"

A popular slogan around Christmas time is “Jesus is the reason for the season.” It is a good and appropriate statement. But there is so much more behind that simple phrase. Jesus Christ, the very Son of God, is the reason because He is Truth … He is Life … He is Holy and Righteous … and He IS Who He says He is. The promises made in scripture can be trusted and depended upon. God through His Son is completely able to honor and make good on those promises down to the very last detail. In a world where promises are made and broken, it is so assuring that our God will never let us down. His promise made is His promise kept. The fact that Jesus has made a way for you and me to know Him in a personal way is the best gift ever.

This Christmas, gifts will be given and gifts will be received. But the gift of eternal life is beyond compare. God promised it; Jesus is able to deliver it. The question is will we choose to accept it. Don’t let this season pass without being sure of your reason to know Jesus with all your heart.

This good news of the saving power of Jesus Christ is also the reason for Right From The Heart Ministries. We exist to introduce and encourage others in the power and promise of Jesus. We do that with the financial support of those that share this same purpose. As you make out your Christmas list this year naming those you love and believe in, I hope you will include RFTH with a gift of support. This past year a gift of $1000 equated to exposing in a year’s time almost 500,000 people around the world to Jesus whether through television, radio or the internet. Now that’s a very good reason! I invite you to visit our website,, to give or to subscribe to our free daily devotions or even to download a sermon of interest. Thank you for joining us in celebrating the Good News of Jesus in 2016. We look forward to another good year of ministry ahead.

One more note, I have a new book, The Stage is Set, coming out next month. It focuses on how Old Testament and New Testament prophecy gives the full picture of events leading to the Second Coming of Jesus. One thing is for sure, the stage is being set for His coming! From all of us at RFTH, Merry Christmas to you as together we celebrate Jesus, the sure reason for the season.

In Christ,

Bryant Wright
Founder, Right From The Heart Ministries

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