I was born a preacher’s kid in Houston, Texas, but spent most of my childhood growing up in Marietta, Georgia.  It was not hard for me to believe that Jesus loved me because of the love I received at home.  I am forever grateful to my parents for their consistent demonstration of an authentic love for Jesus while faithfully serving the church as I was growing up. As a young child I learned the foundation of the Gospel; that Jesus loves me and demonstrates His love by dying on the cross for my sin. With this understanding in elementary school, I placed my faith in Christ and had the privilege of being baptized by my dad.

My faith continued to grow throughout high school, and my journey continued at the University of South Carolina where I attended college. I was actively involved in a fraternity at USC with the desire to live out my faith. I quickly realized that my fraternity brothers did not feel comfortable in church and most churches near our campus did not know how to connect with these wild frat boys. This was the beginning of my calling to ministry. As God called me into ministry at the end of my time at Carolina, I began to pray that He would use me to reach people who needed to hear the good news of the Gospel but did not know they were welcomed and loved by God. My heart’s desire is to consistently point to the beautiful good news of God’s grace for sinners like you and me! I am learning more and more each day how desperately I need God’s grace and how deep and wide is His love for us in Christ Jesus.

It is with this spirit that I have been honored to start providing content for Right From The Heart, in both TV and radio, as well as devotions!