You’ve Been Replaced

February 12, 2010

“For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife.” – Ephesians 5:31

There is a moment in the marriage ceremony when all fathers shed a tear. It’s when Dad escorts his daughter down the aisle and places her hand into the hand of her new husband. This is symbolic of God’s declaration that a man shall leave his mother and be joined to his wife. From the very beginning, God laid down this most basic principle of human relationships. No matter how much you love your parents, a sibling, or a good friend, no matter who it may be, no one is to be closer than your mate.

Parents, you need to know that this moment in the ceremony is not just for the newlyweds. It is also for you. Understand that the relationship with your child has changed. God has now joined your children together and their prime earthly relationship is no longer with you. It is with each other. But relax. They’ll be fine. After all, God brought them into this marriage…a beautiful relationship He created, and one designed for the two of them to provide support in a way that no parent could ever match. Oh, you’ll be fine, too. With God’s help, you’ll be able to let go and allow Him to build a new family in His image.