Writing Your Legacy

August 31, 2008

“An inheritance quickly gained at the beginning will not be blessed at the end.” – Proverbs 20:21

The mortality rate for humans is 100%. The fact is that someday you are going to die. People will say nice things about you, watch your casket roll out, then go back in the church and eat fried chicken and green bean casseroles. And then they are really going to talk about you!

What will they say? Will they talk about your business accomplishments and awards you have received? Will the conversation read like a resume, listing titles you have been given and degrees earned? Or will they talk about the good things you have done for others, how well you led your family, and how you loved the Lord? Will the stories be about outrageous public actions or examples of your integrity?

Your legacy is up to you. Wouldn’t it be better for your heirs to be left with a legacy they are proud of?