Why It Matters

December 13, 2008

“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” – Genesis 1:1

The debate continues over evolution versus creationism, versus combinations of all sorts of theories in between. Many see this as a simple philosophical conflict; others see it as a matter of science and proclaim that science wins.

Does it really matter what we believe about the origin of mankind? Yes, yes it does. And here’s why: If God is completely left out of your theory of origins, life is meaningless. If God is not involved, then we are nothing but a bunch of molecules that just magically came together over billions of years. Without God’s involvement, ethics and morality become nothing but a loose collection of beliefs enforced by whomever happens to have the most power at the moment.

If you leave God out, there is nothing left except each man looking out for number one; the survival of the fittest that says, “I’m going to get all I can while I’m here, because I’m just an accidental mass of molecules accountable to no one. There’s nothing more.”

But if God put life into motion, then we have a reason for living. We have a purpose for life. Only then does life begin to make sense. Because then we have someone to answer to. And that gives us a healthy appreciation of life itself and a very real reason for existence.

Most of all, it is a matter of faith – faith in God or faith in scientific theory. Faith in God – where science explains how He did it, or faith in science that doesn’t acknowledge God. I’ll put my faith in a never-changing God versus the whims and presuppositions of scientific theory.