Who Said Miracles Don’t Happen Anymore?

December 05, 2008

“Be astonished! Wonder! Because I am doing something in your days – You would not believe if you were told.” – Habakkuk 1:5b

Let me tell you of a miraculous moment in our church’s history. It was a critical time for our church. It was a time when we were still building our faith, wanting to understand His plans for us and seeking confirmation that we were in His will. At that time we were still meeting in a suite of doctors’ offices and bursting at the seams. We were approaching our 1st annual payment on land that we had made a down payment on a year earlier. As the payment day approached, we still needed over $50,000 and we asked our small membership – just about fifty families – to pray about what they could give. We gave the children $1.00 and told them the parable of the talents, and urged them to take the $1.00 (God’s money), multiply it and return what they made.

There was a lot of anticipation as the congregation gathered to present their special gifts on the Sunday before the payment was due. A highlight of the event was a parade of children, who presented their own contributions raised through lemonade sales, crafts, and mowing lawns. All the checks and bills and coins were gathered; the church family waited nervously as the money was counted. I will never forget the stunned gasps and then the prolonged stunned silence when the finance chairman announced that the church had given to the exact dollar – including the hundreds of dollars those beautiful children had made and given. What a miracle!

In the early days of our church, it was like God was saying, “Yes, I’m with you! I want you to build a new church in this community.” It galvanized our congregation. He provided this supernatural miracle we could have never orchestrated on our own to give us a jumpstart, to encourage and strengthen us to move ahead in faith.

There have been hundreds and hundreds of miracles through the years. So, if you’re beginning to doubt whether God still answers prayer and performs miracles, doubt no more. He’s still in the miracle business!