“When Abram heard that his relative had been taken captive, he called out the 318 trained men born in his household and went in pursuit as far as Dan.” Genesis 14: 14


We all know the story of the underdog – the smallest, weakest and least talented, overcoming impossible odds. This idea captures our attention everywhere from novels and film to real life – think the ‘American dream’ success stories. There’s just something about seeing the underdog get knocked down again and again, but ultimately win in the end.

Abraham was the definition of an underdog.  Upon learning that his nephew Lot was captured, Abraham chose to act. Vastly out-numbered and the odds stacked against him, he embarked upon a rescue mission. It was an extraordinary situation requiring tremendous courage and selflessness. And yet, God blessed him with a great victory. Abraham rescued Lot and the other captives, and returned all the goods taken in the conflict.

Abraham knew the victory belonged to God and immediately gave credit where credit was due. Did Abraham know that he would be successful? Not at all. He acted in faith and God moved. You see, God had promised to bless Abraham when he surrendered his life to follow God – blessing him to be a blessing to others.  In this case, Lot and the other captives were the recipients of this blessing.

But what about us? Sometimes we too are called to act with incredible courage, incredible selflessness. Sometimes we are called to standup for the underdog. Sometimes we are called to act when we are the underdog.

Do you see a situation where you could stand-up, knowing it could be damaging to your career or reputation? No matter how stacked the odds appear – when it comes to doing God’s will, the odds are always in our favor with Christ.  No matter the outcome, the ultimate victory has already been won – an eternal victory. With Christ, the underdog in life always wins in the end.