When George Got a Whippin’

September 04, 2009

“The fear of the LORD is pure, enduring forever.” – Psalm 19:9a

What does it mean to “fear” the Lord? Do you think of an angry God who’s looking to zap you when you do something wrong? Wrong image. To fear God has to do with reverence and respect for God. And it’s done by trusting that God knows what is best in our life. If we ignore what God says is best, we know we’re going to face some negative consequences. That’s a healthy fear of a loving God.

I remember when our oldest son, George, was about 2 years old – he was into everything. One day, I saw him walking around with a little screwdriver. I told him to give it to me, but he ignored me. Before I could take it from him, George stuck it in an electrical socket. And BOOM! He flew back in the dining room floor and sat there stunned. Then he started to cry, and then he got a whippin’ on top of that!

You may think, “what a mean ole’ daddy!” No, that’s not a mean daddy, that’s a loving daddy. Because I wanted it seared in his brain that there are certain actions that you do that bring about negative consequences that can be damaging to your health. I assure you he got a lot of love and comfort after that, and as far as I know, he didn’t repeat the experience. We, as parents, are not loving unless we create a healthy fear in our children! It’s so similar in having a healthy fear of the Lord. There will be negative consequences if we ignore the commands of God, because our Heavenly Father loves and cares enough about us to teach us what is best.