What Is Reality And What Is Virtual Reality?

September 04, 2013

“But when He, the Spirit of truth, comes, He will guide you into all the truth…” – John 16:13 NIV

Over the past few years, an interesting development has taken place in the movie world. With movies like, for example, the Iron Man series and other super hero adventures, the audience sees scenes that are computer enhanced or, much of the time, completely computer animated.

After a while, the whole question of truth begins to be greatly blurred, and people wonder whether they can discern the difference between what has actually happened, and what is animated. What is reality, and what is virtual reality? This increases cynicism in America. We can’t trust anything, and we have to doubt everything.

But there is a constant source of truth, and it’s found in a person, Jesus Christ. Ultimate truth begins with Him. This truth is revealed in the Bible. It takes faith to believe, but in a world where the truth is increasingly blurred, I urge you to begin with Jesus and His Word, and you will always know the truth.