February 07, 2020

“…that I may know Him and the power of His resurrection…” – Philippians 3:10

Would you agree that the person we spend the most time with is – us? The common denominator in any of our relationships is always ourselves. So, it’s fair to assume that we also spend a lot of time thinking about ourselves – right? Just look at social media and you’ll see quite clearly that we do a LOT of thinking about ourselves. But, have you ever asked yourself if you really like – ‘you’?

Think about it. Have you ever wished you could trade places with someone else – either for their career opportunities, wealth, or physical talents and attributes? How realistic are you about evaluating your own strengths and weaknesses? When you think about it, we can be quite the harsh critic when it comes to ourselves and our potential.

Socrates gets credit for saying, “Know thyself,” even though what he really said, was, “the unexamined life is not worth living.” Either way, the message is clear, and he was right. Knowing ourselves is a key to a meaningful life. So, where do we start?

Why not start with our Creator?  God is your Creator and He knows you better than anyone, so start with getting to know God personally.  John Calvin said, “Man never attains to a true self-knowledge until he has previously contemplated the face of God, and come down after such contemplation to look into himself.”

In getting to know God, you will begin to know yourself – the real you. Looking for a place to start? Start by getting to know Jesus through reading God’s Word. Get to know Him, and you’ll find you begin to understand yourself a whole lot better. This is the road to a very meaningful life.