Thirty Alleluias

August 09, 2008

“All day long we praise our God. We give thanks to you forever.” – Psalm 44:8

The children’s choir had just rehearsed a song they were performing that night. While the song was technically correct, their performance was flat when it should have been joyous. The director tapped her baton. “Boys and girls, notice that this song has only one word, ‘Alleluia.’ It means ‘Praise the Lord.’ But we sing that word thirty times.” She continued, “Now the way I figure it, getting a good grade on a test is worth one ‘Alleluia.’ Being allowed to have your best friend spend the night is worth a couple of ‘Alleluias.’ And let’s say that getting that hot new video game is worth three ‘Alleluias.'” They all nodded their agreement. “But I want each of you to take a moment and imagine this. What is worth thirty ‘Alleluias’ to you?”

Like random fireflies, their faces lit up as each child imagined that one thing that would generate their thirty “Alleluias.” After a few minutes the director said, “Now tonight, when it comes time to sing this song, I want you to recall what really calls for thirty ‘Alleluias.'”

Jesus loves me! This I know,
for the Bible tells me so.
Little ones to Him belong;
they are weak, but He is strong.

Some of the children understood. Some weren’t so sure. But, I can promise you this – nothing deserves thirty “Alleluias” like knowing “Jesus Loves Me.”