August 15, 2019

“Therefore, I tell you, her many sins have been forgiven – as her great love has shown. But whoever has been forgiven little loves little.”

Luke 7:47

No relationship can survive without forgiveness. Take a couple celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. They probably got married because they were in love, but they stayed together because they continued to love and forgive one another.  In every relationship, you will need forgiveness at one point or another.

As sinners, we all harm one another. Sometimes it’s intentional and other times it’s unintentional – but the result is relational damage. Then what? Well, often our pride makes granting forgiveness incredibly difficult. Our feeling is, “He should have known better.” If I forgive him, he’ll keep running over me. If we’re honest, we’ve all felt this way.

When it comes to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, many respond in a similar way: “No thanks; I’m pretty good the way I am – well, at least as good as those in church.” And you know what? That’s exactly right. Churches aren’t filled with all the “good” folks who are living better lives than the rest of us. Churches are filled with flawed, imperfect sinners just like everyone else. The difference, however, is that followers of Jesus see their flaws and recognize their need for something greater than themselves – God’s saving grace.

Are you still struggling with this topic of forgiveness? Perhaps it’s because you’ve never personally experienced God’s grace and forgiveness in your life. Don’t wait any longer; discover what the incredible freedom of forgiveness in Jesus Christ can do in your life. Discover the supernatural power of God’s forgiveness. He’ll give you this same supernatural power to forgive others.