The Storyteller

October 21, 2010

“And Jesus began to speak to them in parables;” – Mark 12:1a

Most everyone loves a good storyteller and the greatest storytellers are those who tell stories with a lesson, to give a deeper truth, or perhaps to bring about conviction. It is said that Abraham Lincoln was a master storyteller. As he would go about his everyday life, whether campaigning or meeting with various individuals, he would tell stories – always to make a point, and to illustrate a truth.

In more recent history, President Ronald Reagan was a master storyteller. The American public heard story after story as he would be making examples to illustrate his philosophy of government. In his book about Reagan, The Rebellion of Ronald Reagan, James Mann illustrates how Reagan’s storytelling was used to charm Mikhail Gorbachev to help bring about the ending of the Cold War!

But the master storyteller of all is Jesus Christ. Like the rabbis of his time, Jesus used simple word-pictures, called parables, to help people understand who God is and what his kingdom is like. His stories appealed to the young and old, poor and rich, and to the learned and unlearned as well. Over a third of the Gospels by Matthew, Mark, and Luke contain parables told by Jesus. Like a skillful artist, Jesus painted deep truths with short and simple stories.

I encourage you to read some of the parables Jesus told in Matthew, Mark and Luke. His storytelling can change your life!