The Lighthouse

September 02, 2007

“…he who walks in the darkness does not know where he goes.” – John 12:35

Tom Landry told the story of a captain of a battleship who, in the middle of the night, saw the light of another ship coming directly at him. The captain radioed the oncoming ship and said, “Turn south immediately.”

The response was, “You turn south immediately.”

The captain was furious. He radioed back, “This is a battleship. I command you to turn south immediately.”

The response was, “This is the lighthouse. You turn south immediately.”

Often we have an attitude like that captain’s. We are arrogant towards God and mankind. We expect others to get out of our way and we ignore God’s guidance for living our life. Then, suddenly, we find ourselves shipwrecked and feeling like fools.

Jesus Christ is the lighthouse trying to warn us of danger, and lead us to safety. I encourage you to trust Christ and be willing to follow His leadership in your life. He will keep you out of a lot of trouble.