February 22, 2020

“And when (the Holy Spirit) comes, He will convict the world concerning sin, and righteousness, and judgment.” – John 16:8

Yesterday, we focused on how the Holy Spirit convicts Christians of their sins and the need to get right with God. Remember, this isn’t done out of God’s desire to judge and condemn, but out of His great love for each of us. “(Jesus) came that they may have life and have it abundantly” (John 10:10). Through the Holy Spirit, God convicts to warn and guide us down the right path. But what I find the most amazing  is that the Holy Spirit convicts everyone, even those who are not believers. Really? Did you know that?

You might be a faith-skeptic or even completely disinterested in all things God; and yet, the Holy Spirit has somehow led you to this particular daily devotional. In John 16:8, our Scripture reference, it states the Holy Spirit will convict the “world” – that means all of us, my friend.

For some of us, it’s the moment we discover the overwhelming power of God’s love through Jesus Christ that convicts or awakens our hearts to the need to surrender all to God. That moment, when it occurs, is the most important decision in a person’s life. Why? Because it’s a decision to choose God’s-way rather than our-way.

It’s the Holy Spirit that is behind this conviction – this eye opening to our need for God. He convicts us and draws us in, but it’s ultimately a personal decision each of us must make, whether or not to give our lives to God through the person of Jesus Christ. And when we do, the Holy Spirit will dwell within each of us and act as guide and helper, giving us this inner desire to walk in obedience with God’s will.

It all comes back to God’s love. God first loved us through Jesus Christ and because of that love, He offers us a way to walk in forgiveness and obedience with His will.  Thanks to the Holy Spirit, whose conviction helps open our eyes to our need for Christ, we can be confident that we never walk this faith journey alone. So, what about you? Have you felt the conviction of the Holy Spirit? Have you responded to the incredible gift of love God offers?