February 20, 2020

“And when (the Holy Spirit) comes, He will convict the world concerning sin, and righteousness, and judgment.” – John 16:8

No matter how often we try, it can be very difficult to show our love for God during times of temptation. Why? Because oftentimes, the temptation itself becomes bigger than even our desire to please God. And when we give into temptation, the result is guilt. If we keep repeating that sin over and over, then we can develop a heart of stone. In other words, we become numb to the conviction and eventually lose sight of  the freedom that God is offering on the other side of sin.

But, there is good news for the Christian when facing such enticement.  The Holy Spirit convicts us to push back, to say no, and to do what is pleasing to God. Sometimes He brings to mind a verse that offers strength to overcome that temptation and helps us find the way out through the example of Jesus. After all, Jesus is the source of what is truly supernatural: resistance to temptation.

Too often, people try to be “good enough”on their own and in their own strength, but this is doomed from the start. Why? Because when we face temptation, we’re up against spiritual powers of darkness and evil that are stronger and smarter than any of us. Thankfully, for the Jesus follower, we don’t have to live in this “I can do it alone” mentality. We can claim the power of the Holy Spirit to find true victory in every moment that tempts us to take our eyes off Jesus.