November 26, 2009

“Was no one found who returned to give glory to God…?” – Luke 17:18

One of life’s most common oversights is not taking time to say thanks. We get in such a rush that we often forget.

Years ago, ten men with the dreaded disease of leprosy saw Jesus. They were a long distance away, for leprosy was the most feared disease of that day. They were outcasts; people didn’t want to touch them for fear of getting the disease. They were treated like many today who have AIDS.

These lepers cried out to Christ to have mercy on them, and He did. He healed them all. What a fantastic day that must have been!

Those ten guys got so excited that they all began to run and tell what had happened.

But one turned around and took time to worship and thank Jesus – just one. Jesus asked him, “Weren’t there ten? Where are they?” Even God desires to hear thanks.

This week, don’t miss a great opportunity to take time to say thanks – to God for His blessings – to friends and loved ones – and to any who helped you along the way.