November 15, 2019

“He is a shield to those who walk in integrity.” – Proverbs 2:7

Do you remember the movie Liar, Liar staring┬áJim Carey? It came out about 20 years ago and told the story of a profane attorney who’s son wished that his dad would stop lying for an entire day. It’s a comedy of errors as Jim Carey’s character navigates the ups and downs of speaking the truth in every situation. At the end of the movie, the attorney realizes the impact even small ‘white lies’ has on his life and is determined to change his ways. While it is true that God forgives the sin of lying, the movie doesn’t take into account the human carnage that was left in the wake of his previous behavior.

Lying has become a pervasive problem. Have you fallen into the habit?

It seems that today’s “me-first” mindset places very little value on honesty and personal integrity. Truth is sacrificed on the altar of self-advancement. At the time, you may think that lying will make life easier, but one lie almost always requires another and another and another. You have to remember everything you said to keep from confusing your lies.

When you start with the truth, you don’t have to remember what all the specific details. The truth makes life a lot less complicated.

Take a look at your life. Where do you fall on the spectrum of honest living?

There’s only one way to break the bondage of a lie, and that’s with truth. Seek to live with integrity and honesty and you’ll find new freedom for living.

How? The truth is found in Jesus Christ. Find Him, and find the truth, the power, and strength to become a person of integrity.