August 02, 2009

“For You are my rock and my fortress…You will lead me and guide me.” – Psalm 31:3

What is the most important position in the symphony orchestra? Some would say it’s the violins, because they often carry the melody. Others would argue for their favorite instrument. The fact is that the conductor has the most important role of all. Without him, the players would easily go their own way and disharmony and chaos would result. A master conductor leads the symphony to make great music. Without a good conductor, there is no music—only noise.

I have good news for you when it comes to living life successfully. God has provided a master conductor. His name is Jesus Christ. When you submit in faith to His leadership,He provides perfect direction and guidance for your life. He shows you how to work well with other people.

Why not allow the master conductor to guide your life? Instead of discord and disharmony, He’ll help you hit the right notes every single time!