Swoon Theory

March 21, 2008

“He is not here, but He has risen.” – Luke 24:6

We’ve been looking at the resurrection of Jesus Christ and the many theories espoused to debunk it. Let me share with you one of the funniest theories that tries to explain the empty tomb. It’s called the Swoon Theory.

This theory argues that Jesus really didn’t die. The Roman guards just thought He had died, but He was really unconscious or had swooned from the loss of blood and exhaustion on the cross. Later He revived and came out of the tomb and appeared to His disciples, who thought He had risen.

Yeah, sure. After the ordeal of the crucifixion in losing all of His blood, He survived three days in a damp tomb without food or water, unwrapped Himself from tightly-bound burial clothes, rolled away the heavy stone, overcame the Roman guards, walked miles on feet that had been spiked, and convinced His disciples He had risen from the dead. It takes more faith to believe this theory than to believe in the Resurrection.

In the end, the only theory that explains the empty tomb is Jesus’ resurrection from the dead, and that’s the evidence I believe.