August 10, 2019

“Watch over your heart with all diligence, for from it flows the springs of life.” – Proverbs 4:23

If someone were to ask you to define “success,” what would you say? No doubt, there would be about as many different answers as the number of people asked. One thing, however, is sure…our culture is obsessed with success.

We are obsessed not only with our own personal success, but we may be even more obsessed with providing our children with the tools they need to become successful. We all do our best, but a lot of times, there’s confusion about what constitutes real success.

There’s a nebulous understanding that success means that our child will one day get a good education, have a good job, a good family and be a good citizen. But that is a very short-sighted view. It’s not very successful if our children grow up to have worldly success for fifty years and then spend eternity in hell. That’s a temporary success, but an eternal failure. So, what’s God’s definition?

In God’s eyes, success means discovering His will for your life and using that purpose for His glory, rather than your own. We must see that big picture when setting our own goals, and especially when guiding our children down the road of life. When a child grows to understand that, then the child has a far greater chance of experiencing real, lasting success. Why? Because they will have found success in God’s eyes, as well.