Stock Market

May 19, 2008

“He who loves money will not be satisfied with money, nor he who loves abundance with its income.” – Ecclesiastes 5:10

Are you bullish or bearish? Is the Federal Reserve on the right track or not? When you think about the Dow Jones, is it buy or sell? Hold or liquidate? As important as financial advice from Wall Street is, there’s a more reliable place to gain understanding on managing our money. That place is the Bible. Amazingly, Jesus speaks more about money and possessions than He does about heaven or hell.

The problem is, we don’t want to do it God’s way. God’s way says to give and share and provide for those who have less. It’s advice diametrically opposed to what human reason tells us–to get, to keep, to hoard. God’s way is to spend less than we earn. The world’s way is to build up that debt. Charge it, baby!

Face it. The best financial planner is the Creator of the world. Why not learn what He has to say about managing money and then try it His way? It’s always best.