"Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever." - Hebrews 13:8


In the early Biblical days of the journey of faith, God brought about a large number of miracles to jump-start the people’s faith. And while it’s true He did that for His people long ago, I have good news for you. His miracles have never stopped. While it’s true that God hasn’t parted the Red Sea in a while, we can all point to experiences in our lives, and in the lives of friends and family, that can only be explained as miracles.

We have started doing this every year and it resulted in some wonderful stories of faith. This time, YOU write the devotional and send it to at info@rightfromtheheart.org about a miracle you’ve witnessed or experienced. Keep the email and return to it regularly over the next year and revisit it often and be blessed by what He is doing in and through your life during the year.

In these days that look so dark and bleak, we all need a reminder that God is still in the miracle business!


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