May 20, 2010

“…He rested on the seventh day from all His work which He had done.” NAS – Genesis 2:2b

In the 1920’s, George Bernard Shaw predicted that in the 1980’s, the workday would last no more than two hours. He thought advanced technology would bring this about. Shaw was a bright man, but a poor futurist. People are working longer hours, in spite of all the technological inventions to save us time. As a result, leisure and quality time gets squeezed out.

God’s Word is clear about the need for balance between work and leisure. Hard work is good, but God’s gift to us, to bring balance to our lives, is the Sabbath. Everyone needs at least one day a week to rest from his or her regular job. To enjoy this gift requires discipline. To ignore it is to hit the wall of burnout. Here’s the really good news – if you maintain this weekly discipline you’ll be better at work.

Do you have that balance between work and rest? Ask God to help you enjoy a weekly day of rest – a Sabbath. You’ll be glad you did.